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It is important that the event to which you are invited or perhaps planning, should clearly specify the dress code required. We at Bartlett & Butcher can advise on suitable dress at any event if this is not specified on your invitation. If you do attend certain events wearing the incorrect attire, you will look and feel out-of-place and at worst could be denied entry.

Bartlett & Butcher can help you avoid being embarrassed by a dress faux pas. The advantage; unlike the ladies, gentlemen conform to a dress code, alleviating signs of status, wealth and sometimes rank.

For example; Lord Devonshire, who sets the dress code on behalf of Her Majesty at Royal Ascot specifies each year what should, but more importantly, what should not be worn in certain areas of the Royal Enclosure.

Liveries and Mansion House Dinners will inevitably insist on white tie at the top-table, palace weddings require specific headwear and investitures require correct morning wear. These days there are many themed functions  such as 30’s Nights, James Bond or even just a colour theme. We at Bartlett & Butcher stock everything you need to hire or purchase, and are able to give the correct advice should you ever be in any doubt.