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Pageboy Outfits


Pageboys don’t just look adorable in morning dress – they are an exceptional complementary addition to a stylish wedding party.

Pageboy morning coat hire is one of our specialties because we personally dress every boy in the clothes he will wear on the day after altering them to fit. Supplying clothes for a Pageboy just by asking his age is the reason why most look awful and this is certainly not the way Bartlett & Butcher operates.

Our experienced, sympathetic, and patient staff fit children very frequently, making them feel comfortable and accurately judging the required sizes. We advise early collection and rarely have to do a refit but are happy to adjust a hired pageboy suit whenever needed.

We have outfits in navy mohair, black herringbone tailcoats and Nehru coats with a variety of brocade waistcoats for Hampshire pageboys.

Sizes for pageboy suit hire start at about four years old. We find that younger children are not normally standing upright enough to do justice to boys’ morning wear hire and that having to stand so long during the ceremony is too much for them.

We do, however, regularly fit boys aged under four in waistcoats, shirts and trousers to match the groom. Please be aware that waistcoats with large patterns do not suit small sizes but nevertheless can be made.

You will need to arrange the first fitting in good time and a final fitting around four weeks before the wedding.

Pageboy outfits hire start from as little as £29.95 but the majority spend anything up to £59.95 if a tailcoat is required.